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About Us       After losing my hearing in 2010, I was unable to work and was waiting for a Cochlear Implant. This was the ideal opportunity to experiment with a seasonings blend that I had been thinking of for several years.  I had the time so I began mixing ingredients in my garage. I tried different variations, asking family and friends to taste test and giving bottles to anyone in exchange for honest feedback. I think I finally got it right. My wife Sherrie joined in and Arceneaux Cajun Seasonings was born with the perfect blend of ingredients and more spices than most other seasonings on the market. It has the perfect taste for cooking or just sprinkling on vegetables, sandwiches, or just about anything.  Arceneaux Cajun Seasoning does not contain MSG.      We hope that your family will enjoy  Arceneaux Cajun Seasonings  as much as our family does!  Careful its addictive and kinda spicy! Tony and Sherrie Arceneaux
Sunset, Louisiana
Add a Little Spice            To Everything You Eat!